Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

When your loved one needs a little bit of help with their day-to-day life, a move to a nursing home may be the proper step to take to ensure that their needs are met. More often than not, nursing home staff provides patients with exceptional care each day, ensuring that the person is healthy and happy, but sadly, nursing home abuse is far more common than it was at one time. No one wants to think that the people who promised to care for your loved one is abusing or hurting them, but it is important that you know the signs and keep a close eye if you suspect nursing home abuse.



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Signs of Nursing Home Abuse 

Oftentimes a patient that is being abused will not speak up about what is happening to them or may not be able to alert you to the behavior. It is up to you to be aware of the signs of nursing home abuse so that you can provide your loved one a voice when they need it the most. Common signs of nursing home abuse:

  • Bruises on the body of your loved one
  • Bed sores
  • Loss of weight
  • Changes in mental status
  • Other injuries

Nursing home abuse can be physical or mental. Common forms of nursing home abuse include hitting, slapping, or kicking the patient; sexual abuse; failure to provide necessary medical treatment; overmedicating or under medicating, and other ways.

Remember that nursing home neglect is also a potential concern for an individual. Neglect occurs when the patient is not provided with their basic necessities, such as food and water, baths, etc. There are many signs that indicate that your loved one is being neglected at the nursing home, including those listed above.

What to do if you Suspect Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

Obviously you want the abuse to stop as soon as possible if it is occurring. Try to get proof that abuse is occurring. Photos and/or videos always help you learn the truth of the matter so no speculations are being made. If your loved one has told you that abuse is occurring or if you notice bruises, scars, major loss of weight, etc. talk to a supervisor at the nursing home and voice your concerns, but do not stop there and hope for the best. Reaching out to an attorney is important if you think that your loved one is being abused or neglected in the nursing home. An attorney can ensure that your loved one is no longer hurt in any way and that justice is served if your loved one has been wronged at the hands of the nursing home staff.


What is a Holistic Lawyer?

What is a Holistic Lawyer?

Chances are good that you’ve heard of a variety of different types of lawyers. There are criminal lawyers that help defend individuals that have been charged with crimes and there are personal injury lawyers that work with victims of accidents, medical malpractice, etc. There are civil rights and discrimination lawyers and those that help with real estate transactions. There are so many different types of lawyers that can handle almost any kind of legal matter that could come your way, even the most unexpected of matters. And then there are holistic lawyers.

What is a Holistic Lawyer?

A holistic lawyer is a legal expert just as any other individual that possesses his or her law degree. Trained to handle various legal matters in a court of law, a lawyer is able to defend individuals when they need it the most, helping attain positive case outcomes. The different between a traditional criminal lawyer or personal injury lawyer (or other lawyer) and holistic lawyer is simple. A holistic lawyer is one who believes that, in order to adequately get to the bottom of a particular problem, the underlying issues that have compounded together must be learned and that the individual and their personality as well.

The holistic lawyer has the same legal expertise and knowledge as any other lawyer, however, they handle cases in an entirely different method than traditional methods. Holistic lawyers vow to get to know their clients better. They aim to change the individual’s life by offering a warm and empathetic approach to legal matters. Rather than look for a simple defense to a legal action, they focus upon the facts of the case and real life scenarios.


Cases Holistic Lawyers Handle

You will find holistic lawyers handling all areas and aspects of law, whether you need a bankruptcy lawyer, someone to represent you for a DUI or a drug charge, or something else. No matter what kind of legal issues have come your way, there is a holistic lawyer out there that understands, or at least who wants to understand while also helping you overcome a time in your life.

You can easily find lawyers that practice holistic approaches within their firm with a free and easy Google search. Choosing a holistic lawyer is ideal in a number of situations and offers several benefits to the individual in need of legal expertise. Among the benefits of using a holistic lawyer:

  • Improve your life in a meaningful way
  • Examine a broader perspective
  • Change dynamics
  • Be heard – It is time to be more than just a client
  • Prevent the same problem from occurring in the future
  • Make lifestyle changes


The Bottom Line

A holistic lawyer may very well be the type of lawyer that you need to help you in your upcoming legal matter. With Google available, as well as free consultations, it never hurts to find out more about the holistic approach to the legal feel and what such a lawyer can do for you.


What you should know about a Personal Injury Lawyer

What you should know about a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is a legal professional specializing in personal injury law. This lawyer is an expert when it comes to handling various types of personal injury cases, from car wrecks and medical malpractice to prescription drug malfunctions and more. There are a few facts imperative to know about a personal injury lawyer if you think that you may have a case.

Must Prove Negligence

Personal injury occurs every single day, but not every incidence qualifies for a lawsuit. In order to qualify, you must have sustained serious injury that was caused by the negligence of another person. You must be able to prove they acted negligently or carelessly as well.

Construction worker has an accident while working on new house

Free Consultations

To discuss your case more in-depth, personal injury attorneys offer free consultations for potential clients. There is no obligation to take advantage of the consultation. Doing this provides you with insight into your case and the best steps for you to take in the future.

No Win, No Fee

No win, no fee means that you can start your case without any money needed. And best of all, if the lawyer doesn’t win your case, he doesn’t get paid! It is understandable that money is right after personal injury. This is one less thing that you need to worry about.

You Deserve Justice

Never feel guilty for seeking compensation when you’ve been injured in a personal injury case. It is only justice if you’ve been injured that the person responsible pay for those injuries. It also helps possibly prevent someone else from incurring the same things in the future.

More Money with a Lawyer

It is always in your best interest to have a lawyer representing you in your personal injury case. Not only do they have the expertise needed to win the case, they also can get you the most possible money in your accident. Lawyers can help you get money for lost time from work, medical bills and future medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.

The Bottom Line

Although we want to hope that we will never need the services of a personal injury lawyer, you never know what tomorrow is going to bring. It is in your best interest to have the knowledge necessary to get what you deserve should this ever happen. With the information above, getting that information is easier than ever.


Is it True Charges must be Dropped if I’m not Read my Miranda Rights?

Is it True Charges must be Dropped if I’m not Read my Miranda Rights?

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” Whether or not you’ve ever been arrested, reciting the Miranda rights is likely something you can do. Most of us are familiar with the Miranda rights. Unfortunately, many people are also wrong in their thoughts of them.


What is the Miranda Rights?

The Miranda rights require that police officers inform you of your rights as a citizen after an arrest. You must be read these rights before any kind of questioning can take place. The Miranda rights lets you know that you have the right to remain silent, that anything you say can and will be used against you and inform you that you have the right to have an attorney present before any type of questioning.

The Miranda rights must be read no matter where the person is being arrested or questioned. If they are being detained, the rights must be read to them.

You Cannot be Forced to Talk

Under no circumstances are you obligated to answer any questions being asked of you by a police officer, a detective or any other person involved with the crime. Failure to answer questions shouldn’t result in an arrest, although you are required by law to answer questions such as your name and date of birth if requested. Failure to provide these answers may result in your arrest.

If an officer fails to read your Miranda rights while arresting you suspicion of committing a crime, this doesn’t equal your freedom or the right to have the charges dismissed. What it does mean for you, however, is that anything you did say or do cannot be used against you in court. This also includes any evidence that has been collected against you.

Most people will tell you that it is best to remain silent no matter what. It avoids headache and hassle while ensuring that you have a fair trial when that time arrives. If you do not say anything, there is no reason to worry about these rights being read to you.

Do you need a Lawyer?

If you feel that your Miranda rights have been violated or need more information, it is in your best interest to consult with a criminal attorney as soon as possible. Miranda rights and the laws surrounding those laws vary greatly. It is only with the legal expertise of an attorney that you can confidently take the next steps in your case.


Six Things Attorneys Wish that you knew

Six Things Attorneys wish that you knew

Sure, they’re pretty knowledgeable when it comes to laws and even better at making something out of nothing that works out favorably inside of a courtroom. But when the suit and tie comes off at the end of the day, attorneys are just like you and if. with that being said, lawyers oftentimes hold inside things they wish they could say to their client. Now you can learn what they want to say to you even if a bit indirectly. Read below and learn six things that attorneys wish that you knew.

Lawyers follow the Laws – they don’t make them

All too often clients turn to their lawyers with expectations of them being able to change laws. Sadly they don’t have such power. They follow the laws just like you, even though like you there are many they don’t agree with. While they’d love to change it, the fact of the matter is that there are laws in place that everyone must follow.

Lawyers Hate the Slow Processes too

Sometimes it takes weeks or months for a case to be heard in court and even then it can drag on for some time as evidence is gathered and other information compiled. Lawyers don’t make extra money for your case being held up and when the truth is known, they’d rather get it over and done with just like you.

Represent Yourself? Don’t even think about it

It doesn’t matter how many legal books you’ve read, how many episodes of Law & Order you’ve watched or how many times you’ve been arrested in the past, if you’ve not went to law school you’re probably better off not trying to handle your legal matter on your own. Some cases don’t require a lawyer, but many do. Don’t sacrifice yourself by trying to DIY without a lawyer.


Not all Lawyers are Bad

Lawyers have gotten quite the reputation over the years and for the most part it isn’t one they’re proud of, especially considering the fact that so many people think of lawyers as liars, greedy, backstabbers and other unpleasant terms. At the end of the day the lawyer is a human being with a job to do and those terms generally don’t apply.

Attorneys have a Job to do

A great deal of the work of a case involves reading, paperwork, and research. While you might not think that your lawyer is working hard on your case, just the opposite is true. There is so much work involved with work as a lawyer –understand the process.

Work isn’t Free – or Cheap

Its nothing personal, but lawyers have mouths to feed and mortgages to pay just as the next guy. They don’t want to work for free any more than you do and shouldn’t be expected to make such a sacrifice.

You need a Lawyer for Domestic Violence Charges

You need a Lawyer for Domestic Violence Charges

Under state domestic violence laws, it is a criminal offense to threaten to or to cause physical injury to a member of your family or to an intimate partner. Simple threats may lead to a charge of domestic violence, and all too often these cases are blown out of proportion. The repercussions of conviction of such a charge are very serious. Convictions could result in up to 11 months, 29 days in prison as well as probation, fines, anger management classes, and other penalties. In addition, an individual may be charged with felony domestic violence, or aggravated domestic violence, if they have received the same charge more than five times in the past.

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You need an Attorney

It is important that an attorney represent you in court if you are charged with domestic violence. This is not a conviction that you want on your record.  A domestic violence conviction remains on your criminal record where it is accessible by anyone that wants to see it. Domestic violence charges change your life forever and many will never look at you the same again. You do not want this to happen.

Getting out of Jail

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, you will be arrested and placed into jail. A judge will set a bond amount. You can place this by cash or by contacting a bail bondsman who will require a 10% fee to bond you out of jail. If you are unable to make bond, you will remain in custody until a court date.

Charges of Domestic Violence

There might also be other stipulations put into place after a domestic violence charge. For example, it may be ordered that you have no contact with the victim until after the court date. Although you might not agree with the orders, it is imperative that you obey them because not doing so could result in additional criminal charges.

Choose a Lawyer

A lawyer representing you for a domestic violence charge ensures that your voice is heard. There is always two sides to the story and your side deserves to be heard. Unfortunately this might not always be what happens if you do not have a lawyer standing by your side. Your lawyer helps prepare  a defense and provides you the best shot at getting the charges reduced or even thrown out of court.

The Bottom Line

Lawyers represent those charged with domestic violence assault every single day. If you are facing this charge, be sure that there is a legal expert standing by your si

Working as a Confidential Informant

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a drug crime, you have potential information that drug task agents and detectives would love to have. Oftentimes they’ll attempt to derive this information from you with promises of reduced charges or other can’t refuse offers. Those accepting such an offer are known as confidential informants, or CI’s. The street name for a confidential informant is ‘snitch.’

Confidential Rubber Stamp Shows Private Correspondence

Contact your Attorney

If you decide to cooperate with police and provide the information they request, it is best to do so with your attorney by your side. Your attorney can help you in many ways. Both advantages and disadvantages exist with such a decision to become a CI, and you want to ensure that there is a credible witness there to verify the offer that is on the table in exchange for your information. Your attorney ensures hat the police hold up their end of the deal but they also protect your identity and ensure that you do not incriminate yourself in any other manner or crimes.

Choosing to cooperate with the police must be done carefully; else the entire plan may backfire in your face. This is yet another reason it is so important that your attorney is present for all correspondence related to information provided.

What Happens when you cooperate?

When you choose to cooperate with police, the first thing that you will do is sit down for an interview with detectives (and your attorney.) If the information provided pans out and the detectives are satisfied with your story, the next step is to send you out on a drug buy from the individual. This isn’t an ordinary buy, however, as police will be watching nearby or have you wired with devices so they can hear. Sometimes the CI must commit to buying drugs for the police from this induvial on several occasions in order for a case to be built. This is not always the case, however. Sometimes the detectives will simply make an arrest. They prefer to have evidence in hand, however.

Generally speaking a CI does not have to testify against the criminal in court. Every measure possible is taken to ensure that the suspect does not find out that anyone was involved in their apprehension.

Tips for a Successful Interview

Remember that you do not have to admit any type of guilt when serving as a CI. It is best to keep all conversations during the interview concerning the actions of other people. Your lawyer will ensure that you stay on the right track as the interview is conducted.

The Reward of Working with the Police

Every bit of information that you can provide to detectives helps them get another drug dealer off of the streets, making the town just a little bit safer. Your information is always valuable, but as you might expect, detectives want ring leaders, the big wigs of the ordeal. As such, your reward for providing information increases or decreases based upon what you know and who you know that is involved in the portion.

Information most desired by police and detectives:

  • Weapon possession during drug deals
  • Drugs mailed via USPS or other shopping methods
  • Manufacturing of drugs
  • Transporting drugs
  • Marijuana Cultivation
  • Prescription Drug crimes
  • Prescription drug fraud doctors
  • High volume dealers
  • Organized crime
  • Gang related drug activity

A Look at the Insanity Defense

Although rarely used as a defense in a criminal case the insanity defense is one that an individual may use in their case to defend themselves against the crime they’ve been charged with committing. Oftentimes when the insanity defense is used it is used in a murder trial, however, this defense may be used in many other types of criminal cases as well including  kidnapping, sexual assault or any other type of hideous crime.


Why Plead Insanity?

A person pleads insanity when they claim they lacked the mental competency to act rationally when the crime was committed. With this defense is used, the individual is stating they were unable to understand right from wrong at the time. An irresistible impulse is an alternative saying for the insanity defense. In addition to being proven insane, the individual at trial must be proven competent to stand trial at the time of the hearing.

Proving Insanity

An individual wishing to use the insanity defense during their trial must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were medically insane when they committed their crime. Oftentimes there will be numerous interactions with mental health providers who ultimately determine whether or not the person was competent and able to stand trial.

More often than not, however, the insanity defense proves none to beneficial for those who use it. A study in the 1990s concluded that approximately 1% of all cases heard in the U.S. Judicial System used this defense, but less than ¼ of them resulted in an acquittal.

Oftentimes it is an individual who is misusing the insanity plea that causes these low numbers. Because your criminal lawyer must prove insanity through medical doctors, testing, etc. it is fairly difficult to ‘pull one over’ on these legal experts.

Insanity Acquittals: What does this mean?

Individuals who use the insanity plea and are successful at an acquittal on these grounds are those who usually have severe mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia. Even when an acquittal based on insanity is successful the individual is unlikely to walk out of the courtroom a free person. When someone wins a case based upon insanity, the judge is likely to order them to a state psychiatric hospital or commit them to other types of mental health treatment facilities. For some individuals, this is still a lifetime of imprisonment, since many are ordered to spend 10, 15, 20 or more years inside of these facilities.




How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

The cost of a lawyer is one of the first thoughts that come to mind when you’re facing a legal battle that requires the assistance of a legal expert. Lawyers, while expensive, certainly aid your case and ensure that you’re not facing more trouble than necessary. The actual cost to hire a lawyer varies, with factors including the type of case that you have, the type of lawyer that you hire, and the actual lawyer that you hire.

family conflict arguing parents in a bed, couple with children

Personable Injury Lawyers

This is not always the case when you hire a lawyer, however. For example, if you’ve been injured in an accident or have another type of personal injury case you may be able to hire a lawyer without a single penny needed. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning that they get paid only if you win the case, with the costs deducted from your settlement award.

Family Lawyer Cost

Family lawyers generally bill their clients by the hour. The hourly rate varies from lawyer to the next, and generally is based upon their expertise. Most lawyers charge a minimum hourly fee starting at $100 per hour. Of course, the more complex your legal matter, the more that fee will increase.

How much is a Criminal Lawyer?

Criminal lawyers may charge by the hour, or a flat fee. For many people the flat fee is a better option than paying an hourly rate, but it is best to consider all aspects of your case before deciding which is right for you. The better the lawyer is, the more that he will charge, so keep this in mind. If you are facing serious criminal troubles, however, it may be worth the expense to hire this exceptional lawyer. If you are unable to afford a lawyer, the court may be able to appoint a lawyer to you, since it is highly recommended that you have a lawyer when battling any type of criminal offense.

Final Thoughts

The cost of your lawyer varies greatly, as you can see. It is in your best interest to inquire of rates from two or three lawyers before you hire them so that you can get the best cost. But do not automatically hire the cheapest lawyer that you find. This could be even costlier than going to court without the legal expert by your side. Expect to shell out no less than $500 to hire a lawyer.


After a Car Accident

After a Car Accident

Without doubt, the first step to take after being injured in a car accident is seeking medical attention. Visiting the local ER immediately ensures that you’re nursed back to optimal health, have less health concerns later down the road, and that, when the time comes, you have the necessary proof to help you win your accident claim. As soon as possible, however, you should contact a car accident attorney.

Lawsuits may be filed after a car accident seeking damages. To win a case, you must prove that negligence caused the accident. There are four elements that you must prove in order to recover compensatory damages. First, you must prove a breach; Second, you must prove duty. Third, you must prove cause, and fourth, harm. In a nutshell you must prove that the other driver failed to obey the basic rules of the road, acting negligently, causing your accident. The other driver could have acted negligently in many ways, including not following laws, speeding, or failing to maintain control of their vehicle. Breach is usually proven through eyewitnesses to the accident, videos, or failed blood alcohol tests. Circumstantial evidence, such as skid marks in the road or smudges of paint also prove duty. It is also your responsibility to prove that the accident caused the injuries that you are seeking images for. This is why you simply must visit the doctor for your injuries as quickly as possible.

Sad child has problems. Black abstract shapes background deep

Sad child has problems. Black abstract shapes background deep

Along with talking to a lawyer and getting the medical attention that you need, there are a few other tops to keep in mind that will help you with your lawsuit.

  • Don’t blame others for the accident. Admitting fault is the most common mistake made by those involved in an accident.
  • Do not depend only on the police to gather evidence. If you hear someone giving a statement, gather their name and information. Or, better yet, record the conversation.
  • Record a video that shows the conditions of the road, the weather that day and even shots of the accident.
  • Take the names of the police officers who responded to your accident.
  • Do not sign any papers or agree to any deals before speaking to a competent car accident attorney.

Ask family and friends to refer you to a great personal injury lawyer. Usually this is a great way to find the specialist who will handle your accident with care and concern.

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