divorce-law-imageWhen happily ever after isn’t what you’ve experienced after marriage and divorce is in the near future there are many emotions, thoughts, concerns and issues come along with the decision. Divorce is never easy, whether you’ve been together for only a short time or have spent years of your life with the person.

Things complicate even more when material matters come into play, and few would dispute the fact that divorce when children is involved can be a grueling endeavor. Even the worst marriages come with a lot of feelings and baggage after the fact. You have questions; you need support and a place to turn for honest, accurate and up-to-date information to help you handle your divorce the right way. We are that source of help, the breathe of fresh air that can set you free from the turmoil of a divorce.

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This website was created to be that helping hand and support that you need when dealing with a divorce. We urge you to prepare a cup of coffee, sit back and relax as you browse our site and find the information that you need to make your divorce just a little bit easier. Our goal is to help each and every person out there who is dealing with this most difficult time in their life, and we have a wide variety of information to guide you in the right direction.

A wide variety of information will be discovered as you browse our site. We have covered many different issues pertaining to divorce here in an effort to make this site your one-stop-shop for divorce information. You’ll find articles and advice on topics ranging from spousal support to hiring a lawyer. You’ll find the latest information about divorce laws and changes with those laws. We have also provided many reviews on lawyers so you can easily find a lawyer based on recommendations. No matter what issue you need more information concerning, we have covered it in-depth here on our site.

Facts about Divorce

You’re probably overwhelmed with emotion, wondering why your marriage had to turn out this way. Or perhaps you’re relieved that it is finally over and you are able to move forward with your life. Whichever category you fall into, these facts about divorce can put your mind at ease:

  • In the United States there is 100 divorces every single hour of the day
  • It takes the average person 18 months to recover (emotionally, physically and financially) from a divorce.
  • Think it is best to live with your future spouse before marriage? Statistics report that couples who live together before tying the knot have higher divorce rates that couples who wait until after they are married to cohabitate.
  • Marriages last an average of 8 years before divorce.
  • Money is the number one cause of divorce.
  • There’s a 40% likelihood that a first marriage will end in divorce
  • It is illegal to divorce in the Philippians.
  • Typically a contested divorce will cost between $3,000 – $15,000. The most expensive divorce ever reported cost more than $1.7 billion.

Your Divorce Problems Solved

With the information provided to you on this website you can learn everything that you need to know about divorce, from reviews of Birmingham Divorce Lawyers or Mobile Divorce Lawyers, and take a breath of fresh air knowing that you are receiving the real information that you need.

Divorce is never easy, but when you have someone there to help you every step of the way things become much easier. We are that helping hand that you need to deal with divorce from start to finish.

At Collaborative, the team tries to maintain the equilibrium between the lawyers with experience and those young professionals, who are constantly guided by the founding partners. This is not very important though, because all of us want to offer our clients the best quality of our work.

Because of this, we always invest in a further development regarding the career. We have the experience you need for offering legal advice and solve litigations in different domains. We can cover almost everything from commercial law to business law, family law and other areas.

We won’t give a single solution for your problems, but we’ll offer a multidisciplinary solving for whatever you are facing.