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Why you need a Family Law Attorney in Mobile

Why you need a Family Law Attorney in Mobile

family conflict arguing parents in a bed, couple with children

family conflict arguing parents in a bed, couple with children

A Mobile family law attorney is one who specializes in handling some of the matters closest to our hearts that also need legal guidance. These cases are far more enduring because of the emotional aspect that comes into play during these matters. There are a number of different occasions that a family law attorney in Mobile can benefit you.

Mobile family law attorneys can help you resolve legal matters such as:

  • Divorce & Separation
  • Child Custody
  • Adultery
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Child Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Spousal Abuse
  • Visitation Rights
  • Alimony
  • Many more

Once you hire an attorney you can count on getting results that matter. Lawyers are looking out for the best interest of each party in the matter –especially the children. There are no worries that you’ll say or do the wrong thing –and make a decision that you’ll live to regret simply because you’re thinking with your heart rather than with your mind. It is always a good idea to have a lawyer standing in your corner.9805197_l

The Mobile family law attorney that you hire will be able to stand beside you in a court of law, ready to challenge the opposing team and battle their lawyers if necessary. Family law attorneys in Mobile assist with the paperwork that comes along with such a case, and ensure that their client receives the judgement most appeasing to their needs. Lawyers understand the sometimes complex legal aspects that arise with many family law matters so you never make a costly mistake. Lawyers handle the entire case so there is less for you to worry about and less stress for you to endure.

Don’t hire the first lawyer that comes your way. Instead, take the time to do your research. There are many Mobile family law attorneys, but not all will give you the satisfaction that you desire. Look at the type of specialization the lawyer offers, the amount of experience they have and of course their rates to better determine if the lawyer is suitable for your case.

Information to Provide your Child Custody Lawyer

Sad child has problems. Black abstract shapes background deep

If you are preparing for a child custody case it is imperative to hire a family law lawyer specializing in child custody. These types of cases can easily become complicated and far too complex for the average individual to handle, resulting in outcomes less than what is desired. After you hire a great lawyer to represent you in court, make sure that you provide as much assistance to the lawyer as possible. You’ll really help your   case tremendously when you work with your lawyer.

Some of the Information to Provide your Child Custody Lawyer:

  • Names, date of birth of each Child

Your lawyer will need the name and date of birth of each child that you have and wish to retain custody of.  It can also be beneficial if you provide your address, or the address where each child currently resides, as well as the schools that they currently attend.

  • Social Security Numbers

Your lawyer may need the social security numbers of your children, so be sure that this information is easily accessible to the lawyer. There are many reasons why he could require the social security numbers of the children.

  • Other Parental Information

You need to provide as much information about the other parent as possible. Information that can be helpful to the lawyer include the other parent’s full name, date of birth, current address, social security number and telephone number, if this information is known.

  • History of Violence

It is imperative that you inform your lawyer of any abuse history with your former spouse/ lover. This information can greatly help you retain custody of the children and may even limit the time that the spouse can spend around the children.

  • Other Court Cases

Is your spouse involved with any kind of criminal activity? Your lawyer needs to know this information. How about your children? Again, vital information that you can provide to your lawyer.

  • Is there a Child Support Order?

Your lawyer may be able to help you get child support during the custody hearing if there is currently no order in place. If you do have an open case for support, have the child support case number available to give to the lawyer.

Help your Lawyer Help You

Collect all of the above information before your first visit with your lawyer. Being well-prepared will help speed the case along as well as ensure that you get the best outcome in your child custody case.

Common Divorce Myths

divorce_law You might be interested to know that many myths are out there concerning divorce. These myths aren’t mean to deceive you, yet this is exactly what they do. People just come to believe certain things over time, and they tell others what they believe to be true. Rather than believe these untruths, take a look at a few of the most common divorce myths.

Myth: You don’t need a Birmingham Divorce Lawyer
A divorce lawyers is one of the most important individuals in your life when you are getting a divorce. The legal expertise and guidance a lawyer offers is second to none, and you’ll certainly have peace of mind knowing a lawyer is on your side.

Myth: Second Marriages work better
No truth at all in this one. In fact, second marriages are more likely to fail than first marriages. Don’t think you’ve gained knowledge from the first go round that will make it better next time. The statistics speak for themselves.rings

Myth: You should Stay Together for the Kids
Another myth not to fall for. You should never stay in an unhealthy relationship simply for the sake of the children. Everyone suffers in this situation almost every time

Myth: You should agree just to keep it Simple
No one wants a courtroom battle or even an argument with their spouse, but you should not give in to their demands simply to avoid confrontation or argument. Get what you deserve in the divorce rather than the crumbs thrown at you.

These are only some of the many different myths that surround divorce that can prevent you from making the best decisions in your divorce case. Do not believe everything that you hear. Sometimes it is the exact opposite. Knowing the truth will set you free.

Divorcing With Lawyers

divorce_lawThere are differences from situation to situation in case of a divorce. Some people have gone through a long period of suffering before finishing the process, while others have woken up divorced in no time.

There are different answers for the “Why does this happen?” question. Some will be related to the people involved in the divorce, the ex-husband and the ex-wife, the goods that are divided between them or what’s at stake, and last, but not least, how the lawyers solve the problem.

The truth is that the lawyers shouldn’t solve your marriage problem – they should be offering you legal advice on how to finish the marriage without too many arguments, and how to split the assets between you.

Decide For Yourself

When you have problems in your marriage, it is bets that you solve them out with the spouse. It’s advisable to ask the help of a third neutral person, and if this can still not solve your problems, you should ask the help of a mediator. It’s always best if you work through all of this with your spouse. Setting out how everything will be after the divorce will save you time, money and a lot of headache. The children situation should be solved before everything else, and once you do that, you can obtain the divorce nice and quickly, as now it is just a procedure.

Don’t Aggravate the Conflict

ringsIf you do need to hire a lawyer, it’s best that you don’t sic him or her on your spouse. It’s a fact that anguished people tend to think more about revenge for one situation or another, sharing with the lawyer almost everything – what the spouse did, what did the spouse say and so on.

The lawyer will pursue all the leads to help you win the case, exposing all the details that you have already shared. Things are not always beautiful when it comes to this, and sometimes all could be avoided with the right lawyer.

Hire a lawyer that can remain civilized and who can keep the process of divorce civil. You don’t need an aggressive approach, because that is the worse in the case of a divorce. You need to have a lawyer that will not keep the battle for your rights forever open or one who can lead you to bankruptcy.

How do you know it’s Time for a Lawyer?

9805197_lWhenever you fear abuse, or whenever this has already happen, then it sure is the time to call a lawyer and ask for divorce. Abuse can have many forms – child abuse, spousal abuse, sexual abuse or substance abuse. Every one of them is serious and it makes it hard for the spouse that is abused to lead an efficient negotiation. This is certainly the case when the lawyer will help you out.

You also need a lawyer when your spouse is not honest or when the spouse shows signs of vindication. No matter the case, the lawyer will help you protect your interests, and if you find the right lawyer, the divorce will be smooth and easy.

In the case when you cannot afford to pay for a lawyer, try looking for a pro bono lawyer or program. There are some law firms that do this on a regular basis, for those people with law income and problems such as this one.

Fearing Violence

This is another case when divorce is needed – when you fear that the spouse might get violent and harm you and the children. That’s not a situation to overlook, because it is a serious problem and it needs immediate action. Go somewhere safe and if possible, get a restraining order to keep away the violent spouse. One important step that you need to do – if you have children – is to ask for a temporary custody order, otherwise you might be accused of kidnapping your own children.

What is a Contested Divorce?

torn divorce decree and cash, with broken wedding ringTwo types of divorce can be filed when you are ready to dissolve your marriage: contested divorce and an uncontested divorce. You really don’t pick and choose which type of divorce you will file. If you, and your spouse, agree to everything in the divorce, you have a simple uncontested divorce. However, if both parties are unable to come to terms on all aspects of that divorce you have a contested divorce.

The contested divorce process is much more time-consuming and difficult than an uncontested divorce. It is likely that a lawyer will be needed to handle the proceedings of a contested divorce. When you are unable to agree upon all aspects of the divorce, the case goes before a judge who then makes the decisions in the matter. Oftentimes lawyers lawyer negotiate on the behalf of each party, and a settlement is reached before the matter reaches a judge.

Numerous steps are involved with a contested divorce. Those steps include:

  • Prepare a divorce petition and serve that petition on your spouse. The spouse must then respond to the petition.
  • Gather information that can be used in your case. This can be paperwork, third-party witnesses, etc.
  • Go through pre-trial motions as well as legal hearings.
  • Negotiations between attorney’s takes place.
  • If a settlement is unable to be reached after attorney negotiation, a trial date is set for the case.
  • You will need to prepare for the trial.
  • Complete the trial, which can include cross examination from your spouse’s lawyer.
  • If you do not agree with the order of the judge, you may then file an appeal of the matter.

A contested divorce can be a very complex situation that requires legal expertise to handle properly. Always talk to a lawyer to learn the right way to handle your divorce case.

For more info on contested divorces contact me!

contested divorce

What Is an Uncontested Divorce and Why is it so Easy?

Divorce is never an ordeal that any couple wants to deal with, but sometimes differences in a relationship make it necessary. Divorce occurs every single day when couples are unable to resolve the turmoil in their lives. Should you find yourself dealing with a divorce, there are two types of divorces: contested and uncontested. Here we will take a look at the uncontested divorce.

What is Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is the easiest of the two types of divorce. When you file an uncontested divorce it means that you, as well as your spouse, have come to agreements on all aspects of the divorce. This includes issues with child custody, separation of belongings, finances, etc. There are no issues or problems which need to be resolved.

Most couples who are able to file an uncontested divorce find themselves with a multitude of benefits versus a contested divorce. Uncontested divorces are simply easier, and cause far less stress to the couple (and others involved directly) going through the divorce.

Uncontested Divorce Perks

The perks of an uncontested divorce include speedier proceedings, meaning you will be divorced quicker; a more affordable price and perhaps even the elimination of the need for a lawyer. Oftentimes couples who agree on everything handle the matter themselves. This alone can save a ton of cash. Of course you shouldn’t agree to everything simply to receive these perks.

The final divorce decree is a final and binding order. Amendments are not allowed. It is always in your best interest to talk to a divorce lawyer who can ensure that you are handling the case in a manner beneficial to you now and in the future. This is true whether an uncontested or a contested divorce.

For more info on uncontested divorce and the perks, please contact me.

uncontested divorce

Birmingham Divorce Lawyer

Birmingham Divorce LawyerThis Birmingham divorce lawyer was recommended by several people that I trust, so I decided to give them a call. I have had bad experiences with lawyers in the past, so I suppose that I went into the call a bit cautious. It didn’t take long at all for me to realize that this wasn’t the typical lawyer. I was able to take advantage of a free consultation, which greatly put my worries to ease. I knew this was the lawyer that I wanted to represent me in court.

My divorce was ugly just like the last few years of our marriage had been. I had a husband who seemed to want to take my life right out from under my feet. Nothing seemed to be good enough for him, unless it meant that I was left high and dry. This lawyer immediately went to work and really put my husband in his place for a change. I appreciate the fact that he wasn’t afraid to speak up and to fight for me, even when that meant going up against another lawyer or having to talk tough in court. I needed that in my lawyer because my husband wasn’t going to make it easy at all.

This Birmingham divorce lawyer seemed to really care about me on a personal level. He was willing to do whatever it took to help me come out victorious in the case, and he always listened to me and my concerns.   I actually felt like I had a shot at winning once I hired this lawyer, and the end result was defiantly in my favor.

I cannot express my gratitude toward Vella & King Attorneys at Law enough. They really helped me deal with the most difficult situation I have ever faced and superseded all of my expectations.

If you want to know more about this Birmingham Divorce Lawyer please contact me.


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