Six Things Attorneys wish that you knew

Sure, they’re pretty knowledgeable when it comes to laws and even better at making something out of nothing that works out favorably inside of a courtroom. But when the suit and tie comes off at the end of the day, attorneys are just like you and if. with that being said, lawyers oftentimes hold inside things they wish they could say to their client. Now you can learn what they want to say to you even if a bit indirectly. Read below and learn six things that attorneys wish that you knew.

Lawyers follow the Laws – they don’t make them

All too often clients turn to their lawyers with expectations of them being able to change laws. Sadly they don’t have such power. They follow the laws just like you, even though like you there are many they don’t agree with. While they’d love to change it, the fact of the matter is that there are laws in place that everyone must follow.

Lawyers Hate the Slow Processes too

Sometimes it takes weeks or months for a case to be heard in court and even then it can drag on for some time as evidence is gathered and other information compiled. Lawyers don’t make extra money for your case being held up and when the truth is known, they’d rather get it over and done with just like you.

Represent Yourself? Don’t even think about it

It doesn’t matter how many legal books you’ve read, how many episodes of Law & Order you’ve watched or how many times you’ve been arrested in the past, if you’ve not went to law school you’re probably better off not trying to handle your legal matter on your own. Some cases don’t require a lawyer, but many do. Don’t sacrifice yourself by trying to DIY without a lawyer.


Not all Lawyers are Bad

Lawyers have gotten quite the reputation over the years and for the most part it isn’t one they’re proud of, especially considering the fact that so many people think of lawyers as liars, greedy, backstabbers and other unpleasant terms. At the end of the day the lawyer is a human being with a job to do and those terms generally don’t apply.

Attorneys have a Job to do

A great deal of the work of a case involves reading, paperwork, and research. While you might not think that your lawyer is working hard on your case, just the opposite is true. There is so much work involved with work as a lawyer –understand the process.

Work isn’t Free – or Cheap

Its nothing personal, but lawyers have mouths to feed and mortgages to pay just as the next guy. They don’t want to work for free any more than you do and shouldn’t be expected to make such a sacrifice.