You need a Lawyer for Domestic Violence Charges

Under state domestic violence laws, it is a criminal offense to threaten to or to cause physical injury to a member of your family or to an intimate partner. Simple threats may lead to a charge of domestic violence, and all too often these cases are blown out of proportion. The repercussions of conviction of such a charge are very serious. Convictions could result in up to 11 months, 29 days in prison as well as probation, fines, anger management classes, and other penalties. In addition, an individual may be charged with felony domestic violence, or aggravated domestic violence, if they have received the same charge more than five times in the past.

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You need an Attorney

It is important that an attorney represent you in court if you are charged with domestic violence. This is not a conviction that you want on your record.  A domestic violence conviction remains on your criminal record where it is accessible by anyone that wants to see it. Domestic violence charges change your life forever and many will never look at you the same again. You do not want this to happen.

Getting out of Jail

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, you will be arrested and placed into jail. A judge will set a bond amount. You can place this by cash or by contacting a bail bondsman who will require a 10% fee to bond you out of jail. If you are unable to make bond, you will remain in custody until a court date.

Charges of Domestic Violence

There might also be other stipulations put into place after a domestic violence charge. For example, it may be ordered that you have no contact with the victim until after the court date. Although you might not agree with the orders, it is imperative that you obey them because not doing so could result in additional criminal charges.

Choose a Lawyer

A lawyer representing you for a domestic violence charge ensures that your voice is heard. There is always two sides to the story and your side deserves to be heard. Unfortunately this might not always be what happens if you do not have a lawyer standing by your side. Your lawyer helps prepare  a defense and provides you the best shot at getting the charges reduced or even thrown out of court.

The Bottom Line

Lawyers represent those charged with domestic violence assault every single day. If you are facing this charge, be sure that there is a legal expert standing by your si